How did we get the name Jesus when the Letter “J” didn’t exist in Jesus’ time?


After extensive research into this subject, I compiled the shortest, most complete summary I could muster, and it goes as follows:

In the original 1611 version of the King James Bible the letter “J” didn’t exist in Hebrew. The original Hebrew name of Jesus is “Yhwshua.” And no, that’s not a typo, Hebrew didn’t use many vowels. This Hebrew spelling, translated from language to language, filters down into the name we know today as Jesus. The filter is as follows per Matthew Phillips (source link provided below).

“Four step process to erase the official or Orthodox Hebrew YHW’shua: Is a process that took nearly 1600 years to evolve…
1) The Hebrew YHW’shua was abbreviated (remove HW) in Aramaic: Y’shua
2) The Hebrew/Aramaic Names were transliterated into Greek: Iesous,
3) The Greek was transliterated into Latin: Iesus [1611 KJV has Latin spelling]
4) The Latin was transliterated into the English: Jesus”

To clarify, the consonant form of J was not known in the 14thcentury, therefore, both J and I used the Y sound, as in the word “yes”. So in Greek, Iesous would be pronounced Yesous, and the Latin Iesus would pronounce to Yesus. In the 18thCentury, the letter’s J and I were split into a consonant and a vowel, and J was adopted as the consonant letter. Now, since this new consonant J was closer to the sound of the modern Y, the letter J was chosen in the translation to Jesus.

Source: Matthew Phillips

In any case, the Lord God has many names: Holy One, Good Father, Lord, Messiah, etc. and it doesn’t matter which we call the Creator of the Universe as long as we know he is the one true God; The King of kings, and the Lord of lords.

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  1. Jesus comes from the Greek word Iesu (iesus) and it means, “Savior.” It is not derived from the Hebrew name of Yheshua. If that were true, it would be closer to Joshua.
    What degree do you have in linguistics?


  2. I have a masters plus in ancient religions. I think that your full of it !!! There is no JESUS ! That is a modern day euphemism, the letter “J” did not appear until the 16th century. It is accredited to Giovanni Giorgio Trissino (1478-1550) He invented the glyph which was a combination of the “I” & “i” with an elongated extension to encompass the “Ja” sound which had been unwritten but was spoken. Giving the last letter added to the modern day alphabet! It was then adopted in to English then French and Spanish ! The name of Christ is Yeshua, that is what was spoken in that time. There is no J in the Hebrew language nor any other till the 16th century. I have a library in my home which has 15,000 volumes. With several incunabula to refer to ! When you speak the name JESUS you are being tricked. That is the combination of Jupiter & Zeus, you are therefore putting worship on false roman and Greek gods !! You are creating an abomination of God ! I have an original 1611 KJV in my library. The letter “J” does not appear in it !!! If you use the internet to do your research then you truly are a fool ! Books Books Books ! How do you think Satan deceives in this modern day? By simply letting people believe all the nonsense that is written on it !
    Wake up and know the true name of Christ !


    1. Hi Craig! Thanks for the read! I appreciate your opinion. Much of what you said is the same thing I am arguing as well. We both seem to believe Jesus is a made up created name for the one true God. As I said in the article, it does not matter what you call Him or believe what his original name is. Just calling on the name of the one true God, he will hear our calls. Thanks!


    1. Steve

      That is not true !! It really does matter what you call god ! Deception runs deep, when you pray to a false god you are making your spiritual life sin filled. I have a vedic list of 1,000 names of god that the Tibetans use to pray over the souls of the lost & dammed. This list is very old and has been in use for over 800 years. The name of Christ, “JESUS” does not appear on the list ! But the name Yeshua does appear on this list ??? Strange, that the original name would have been on this, yet Jesus does not!! They have also updated this list over the past centuries to keep it current. So they believe that Yeshua is the true name of God incarnate. This being from another religious sect and not of christian decent . When you read the bible and see the how Satan can twist the truth don’t you want to investigate the real truth. I do !


  3. Yah is the fathers name .YAHUHA is salvation (YAHUSHA )no J in Hebrew alphabet even today.why will the father change his sons name so many times. Remember the name of his son YAHUSHA is above all names.Yet you call him Jesus. The word HALLELUYAH is 4000 years old meaning praise to YAH. YAHUHA is the beginning and the end YAHUSHA .I and my father is one.i come in my fathers name.Yeshua is Joshua already prophet in the Book.He took isreal into promise land and saviour to YAHUHA people out of the 40 years in the desert. Yah will not give is only son the name of anyone known already on earth as YAHUSHA name is above all names.The only name by which we can recieve salvation and be truly saved.Jesus is pagan name and created by men.To honour they Greek gods.Matthew 7 vs 13 to 23 is clearly state the importance of the name the true name.


  4. Well all the mumbo jumbo aside there is no known facts to support a jesus. Nothing exists outside of a church or belief system that believes in jesus to begin with. Just take Gods words and be happy.

    The Hebrew Word, the Jewish Tanakah and all 3 of the 16th century first published complete christian bibles (the Latin Vulgate, KJV and Douay Rheims all have the same statement’s if you look at them.

    One of them is:
    Book of Hosea 13.4 God tells you and I who the real Savior is.
    If you can’t take Gods word for it then why waste time playing like you are holy or good or ‘right’ in your belief.
    God tells us who the Savior is and that is that. You really have to believe in GOD the Creator or you will be judged harshly for turning your back on him.

    In fact if one were to read what we call the first 2 commandments and this snippet from the book of Hosea and live by it we would be fine.

    God never asked for a church, a priest, nuns, tithing, sacraments and on and on and on.


  5. In response to your article, “The Most High” has only one name but many attributes that idenifiy who He is and what He does, Yahweh {Jehovah) Jireh, Shalome, Nissi ect… He’s the Most High the Elohim above all elohims Psalms 82. that’s why the Master came in His Father’s name Yah shua meaning Yahweh is salvation Jn.5:43 acts 4:12 . One only need to ask if someone come in his own name PEOPLE WOULD FOLLOW HIM…hmmm. Satan, fallen angels, bane eiohim , demons know His name, and they don’t call Him Jesus they know His name do you? Jeremiah 23:27; Proverbs 30:4. His Father gave Him his name emmanuel meaning GOD with us. Amen and Halleluyah.

    P.S. Let’s not forget Numbers 13:16 when Moses change Oshea name to Yahshua ( Joshua ). to lead the children of Israel into the Promise Land the same one leading us to heavenly places. The Most High never changes THE SAME YESTERDAY ( O. T.) TODAY ( N.T. ) FOREVER ( ETERNAL ) .


    1. I just can’t understand why people keep wanting to quote the NT when it is fact that the Roman Catholic Church wrote it and they attest to this in their Roman Catholic Encyclopedia.
      None of the gospels were written by M M L or J. It is also verifiable through the RCC.

      Now I’m off healing from my second knee replacement in 4.5 months and am not going to spend a lot of time here until I get much much better.

      However, if all one can do is quote from a work that was written by human beings called priests by the RCC between the years of 325 and the early 16th century then why are you posting here? No facts other than those from the RCC hundreds of years after the so called jesus was to have existed.

      I’m just not clear on how many times someone can beat that drum.

      I have no ill feelings towards any person posting here. But when you can go to your own Douay Rheims or KJV bible (unless you read Latin then go ahead and peruse through the Latin Vulgate) and get some answers on your own to resolve these issues then why post?

      In regards to the creators name. When Moses asked the creator who he should tell his people gave him the tablets the only response given by the creator to Moses was ‘I am Because I am’. There are no other places where the Creator gave any answer to ‘Who are you? What is your name? and so on in the only verifiable scripture, the OT.

      This is not a win or lose discussion. This is a read, research and learn discussion. It could save your soul though if you took the time to actually go and read the areas of the OT I have quoted from that are in your bible if you have a legit one.

      I’m taking some pain med and a gummie and hitting the hay.


      1. Listen I respect your belief, but you have been conditioned by the Catholic church. I am looking at this as I have always done in a pure neutral perspective. My entire family is Catholic. So the argument factor is always in the game. Have you ever heard of -” The Book of Yahweh “. The Yahwist Bible, Fragments from the primitive document in seven early books of the old testament. First edition copyright 1922. So see if you can find this book? Very few around and a copy not the original is around $1,200.00. I think god steered me to this book.
        When I bought it, it was the only one available on the world market. I bought it for $50.00 !!!!
        Also lets bring up the copper scrolls that were also found in the caves with the dead sea scrolls. How come the interpretation has never been released??? Why has this material been suppressed? We know we are in the last days. If you don’t believe that then you do not know the bible. Over 90% of the prophecy that has been described has come true. The only reason that the rest has not happened is because we are not at that point yet ! Listen I had an epiphany when I was just 9 years old. It was religious and I have held this to my spiritual awakening. I look for truth not tales and the truth that I have found has saved me !
        Please let me leave you with this – ” Do not ignore the past , but study it – study it diligently as being the mightiest factor among the great factors of our human world ” and also ” Out of the past we have come. Into it we are constantly returning. Meanwhile it is of the utmost importance to our lives. It contains the roots of all we are, and all we have of Wisdom ” .

        Thanks Craig


      2. i appreciate and respect all views but require for myself to consider them being of any value they have to have an ‘ancient’ part to them.
        The first people were the Adad and Eve lineage. Nothing to dispute here.
        Their documented life all the way into and including the Jewish members today are the oldest that I have ever found a complete text from.
        I am a RC but do not believe in anything Catholic since to me it is just another man made belief system.

        A 1987 publication (the first publication of the book of Yahweh) has no value to me. It’s younger than my two youngest children. As I said. The older the texts can be proven to be the more value they have for me in regards to having less of a chance of being manipulated by man kind.

        Love all the views, gotta go heal.


      3. I am sorry but you are wrong on the date of the first printing of the Book of Yahweh. I have the first printing and it is in 1922. I own this book and if you wish I can send you a photo of the title page and the of the cover. You might be referring to the copy which was released at that time(1987) but I have the original. I have not seen the copy that you are referring too so I can not judge as to how the text appears. The original is only 260 pages in length. I also own a copy of the Guttenberg bible which is thousands of pages long. Which always bring to mind how much of the bible we truly know in the condensed version that we all read. I call the KJV the “Readers Digest ” version. The Catholic church in one of there tribunals decided to pick and choose what books they felt were appropriate for the common man to know. Therefor they have created a religion forthwith to educate the masses in the manor to which they felt appropriate. If you know anything about King James you would see that he had different sexual preference. His consorts were of 7 men and no women. He never left an heir to inherit the thrown. In many references to the conscriptions, items were added to the bible that were never actually there. It was embellished with the periods rules that they thought would bring the subjugation of taxation, so as to better to extract money for the church and the government. The same way that they changed the 10 commandments.
        The only one that was drastically changed was – ” Thou Shalt not kill” . In the original scripts it was stated ” thou shalt not Murder”. Referring to Cain and Able, and the subsequent teaching of that lesson. So regardless of what you think
        you are wrong ! Having 3 degrees and over 65 years of knowledge, plus the fact that I have taught college for 12 years of my life, and educated many people, with a college student rating of 4.8 out of 5 I think you need to do many more hours of study before you start expounding your knowledge which at this time I see as limited !


      4. I can see you are a kind and gentle person. Not filled with man’s self righteousness or pride.

        Everyone knows about the Thou shalt not Murder. That is christianity 101. I have no good words for any man made religion. The only ‘belief system’ I see with any value is the Hebrew and Jewish belief systems which are one in the same and all man made religions use all or part of these in their scriptures without exception.

        But not many people know that only the first two commandments were heard being given to Moses by God. The others were written by Moses as well as a total of 611 total rules to live by. Look up what the importance of the number 613 is in the Jewish Tanakh. You’ll read this. They are called the Two Commandments of Moses.

        Could be wrong but what I found at SMU library online in a short 5 minute look.

        Here is what I found:
        The Book Of Yahweh is one of numerous products of Yisrayl Hawkins and his organization, The House of Yahweh. Its first publication date is 1987. Hawkins is not embarrassed to claim this bible revision is “… the most accurate English translation of the Scriptures in the whole world…”

        Inside the Book of Yahweh I find:
        COPYRIGHT© 1987, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999
        Yisrayl Hawkins, Elder and Overseer
        Tenth Edition
        Second Printing: 2-1999

        If I am incorrect I do apologize but have to reiterate that a writing that is only 100 years of age vs the Hebrew Word and Jewish Tanakh which are direct from the Adam and Eve decedents as they wandered through this new world populating it, just doesn’t hold much water. The older the better. The Hebrew and Jewish writings are tens of thousands maybe 100’s of thousands of years old. Not many people are ignorant enough to let a Johnny Come Lately translator rule their lives. Most people want historical facts instead of hysterical facts.

        I assume the person Yisrayl Hawkins plagiarized from the original work since he gave it no footnote? And who this Hawkins is seems to be unimportant overall. Some soothsayer, prophet self named, and so on. Kind of like the nut case L Ron Hubbard? We have had thousands of these types throughout the past 2000 years.

        At least my references are the children and children of the children of Adam and Eve. I believe they are much better sources.

        Cya be good and end up great! Keep being that ‘good’ christian or whatever religion you follow that you have shown here.


      5. Again you are wrong !! You do not do good research ! The first printing date is 1921, I have the book I know the facts. I see you did not include your base of knowledge and your education. So I will end this waste of time, you are wrong and there is no argument between a fool and a associate professor. Have a good day and keep up your foolish rant. !


      6. Well you just can’t argue with historical facts. And you certainly will not be able to argue this with God.
        God the Savior and Lord.
        There is no Jesus. It can’t be proven since it is not a truth or a fact. It is a myth as there are many in history.

        Better do some research.

        And your waste of time may be in your belief in false doctrine if you really give yourself a chance to consider it.

        Mankind is all about himself. One of the deadly sins and you seem full of yourself and not the kind of person I would imagine would be judged well based on your bloviating and patting yourself on the back.

        Remember. We as humans were told we would never know certain things such as the day/date/time of the end of the world, or Gods name, and so on. So to be such a seemingly conceited person and being in the religious realm seems self destructive.

        None the less I wish you the best and when you pass I’ll either see you being judged by God kindly or poorly on your actions and beliefs.



    1. Thank you ! You are correct as you can see we have had quite a debate over this on this forum. People choose to
      to believe what they will , but the true facts are always hidden when it comes to true scripture. Mans quest is for the Devine interpretation of god’s word. Why not call god by the true name given at the proper time, which was thousands of year ago. Thanks for the comment !

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      1. Since the very first complete OT/NT christian bible was the Latin Vulgate by the RCC and it was translated into the KJV and Douay Rheims (all three in the late 1500 to early 1600) one cannot use some New World Bible or some later day translation. This is where people start reading statements not found in the original three bibles.
        If the statement one uses is not in the original three, then it is not Gods words, it is mans words and God warns us to never speak for him or to change his words.

        The KJV has it this way:
        Genesis 15:7 7And he said unto him, I am the LORD that brought thee out of Ur of the Chaldees, to give thee this land to inherit it.

        So as we see a human being has translated the original scriptures into something than benefited his take on christianity.
        Stick with the original stuff. Better yet get an interlinear of the Jewish Tanakh this will give you the oldest original never changed translation of the document (the Tanakh) that the RCC used to create the OT


    2. If he ever really existed or were truly the savior I’d agree. However, in the Christian OT you can find God’s words that state who the Savior is. Remember this is in Gods Words and in the Christian Bible (OT)


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