How did we get the name Jesus when the Letter “J” didn’t exist in Jesus’ time?


After extensive research into this subject, I compiled the shortest, most complete summary I could muster, and it goes as follows:

In the original 1611 version of the King James Bible the letter “J” didn’t exist in Hebrew. The original Hebrew name of Jesus is “Yhwshua.” And no, that’s not a typo, Hebrew didn’t use many vowels. This Hebrew spelling, translated from language to language, filters down into the name we know today as Jesus. The filter is as follows per Matthew Phillips (source link provided below).

“Four step process to erase the official or Orthodox Hebrew YHW’shua: Is a process that took nearly 1600 years to evolve…
1) The Hebrew YHW’shua was abbreviated (remove HW) in Aramaic: Y’shua
2) The Hebrew/Aramaic Names were transliterated into Greek: Iesous,
3) The Greek was transliterated into Latin: Iesus [1611 KJV has Latin spelling]
4) The Latin was transliterated into the English: Jesus”

To clarify, the consonant form of J was not known in the 14thcentury, therefore, both J and I used the Y sound, as in the word “yes”. So in Greek, Iesous would be pronounced Yesous, and the Latin Iesus would pronounce to Yesus. In the 18thCentury, the letter’s J and I were split into a consonant and a vowel, and J was adopted as the consonant letter. Now, since this new consonant J was closer to the sound of the modern Y, the letter J was chosen in the translation to Jesus.

Source: Matthew Phillips

In any case, the Lord God has many names: Holy One, Good Father, Lord, Messiah, etc. and it doesn’t matter which we call the Creator of the Universe as long as we know he is the one true God; The King of kings, and the Lord of lords.

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  1. Jesus comes from the Greek word Iesu (iesus) and it means, “Savior.” It is not derived from the Hebrew name of Yheshua. If that were true, it would be closer to Joshua.
    What degree do you have in linguistics?


  2. I have a masters plus in ancient religions. I think that your full of it !!! There is no JESUS ! That is a modern day euphemism, the letter “J” did not appear until the 16th century. It is accredited to Giovanni Giorgio Trissino (1478-1550) He invented the glyph which was a combination of the “I” & “i” with an elongated extension to encompass the “Ja” sound which had been unwritten but was spoken. Giving the last letter added to the modern day alphabet! It was then adopted in to English then French and Spanish ! The name of Christ is Yeshua, that is what was spoken in that time. There is no J in the Hebrew language nor any other till the 16th century. I have a library in my home which has 15,000 volumes. With several incunabula to refer to ! When you speak the name JESUS you are being tricked. That is the combination of Jupiter & Zeus, you are therefore putting worship on false roman and Greek gods !! You are creating an abomination of God ! I have an original 1611 KJV in my library. The letter “J” does not appear in it !!! If you use the internet to do your research then you truly are a fool ! Books Books Books ! How do you think Satan deceives in this modern day? By simply letting people believe all the nonsense that is written on it !
    Wake up and know the true name of Christ !


    1. Hi Craig! Thanks for the read! I appreciate your opinion. Much of what you said is the same thing I am arguing as well. We both seem to believe Jesus is a made up created name for the one true God. As I said in the article, it does not matter what you call Him or believe what his original name is. Just calling on the name of the one true God, he will hear our calls. Thanks!


    1. Steve

      That is not true !! It really does matter what you call god ! Deception runs deep, when you pray to a false god you are making your spiritual life sin filled. I have a vedic list of 1,000 names of god that the Tibetans use to pray over the souls of the lost & dammed. This list is very old and has been in use for over 800 years. The name of Christ, “JESUS” does not appear on the list ! But the name Yeshua does appear on this list ??? Strange, that the original name would have been on this, yet Jesus does not!! They have also updated this list over the past centuries to keep it current. So they believe that Yeshua is the true name of God incarnate. This being from another religious sect and not of christian decent . When you read the bible and see the how Satan can twist the truth don’t you want to investigate the real truth. I do !


  3. Yah is the fathers name .YAHUHA is salvation (YAHUSHA )no J in Hebrew alphabet even today.why will the father change his sons name so many times. Remember the name of his son YAHUSHA is above all names.Yet you call him Jesus. The word HALLELUYAH is 4000 years old meaning praise to YAH. YAHUHA is the beginning and the end YAHUSHA .I and my father is one.i come in my fathers name.Yeshua is Joshua already prophet in the Book.He took isreal into promise land and saviour to YAHUHA people out of the 40 years in the desert. Yah will not give is only son the name of anyone known already on earth as YAHUSHA name is above all names.The only name by which we can recieve salvation and be truly saved.Jesus is pagan name and created by men.To honour they Greek gods.Matthew 7 vs 13 to 23 is clearly state the importance of the name the true name.


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